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Notification no.



1. 170/commissioner/ Vidhi-anubhag / 2014-15 16/04/2014

regarding extansion of date up to 30.04.2014 for Electronic Acknowledgement Receipt..

2. 832/commissioner/ Vidhi-anubhag / 2014-15 24/05/2014

regarding fixation of monitory limit for Assessing Authorities in respect of Assessment of cases.


868/commissioner/ I.T-section /  2014-15



regarding procedure to be followed in the Assessing Offices in respect of disposal of cases on Tax Assessment Module.

4. 1127/commissioner/ Vitta-anubhag /2013-14 11/06/2014


regarding authorization of JC(E) to execute power under section 25(A) (4) of VAT Act 2005


5. 1198/commissioner/ I.T-anubhag /2013-14 18/06/2014

regarding amendment procedure for Online generated C form.

Source : Commercial Tax Department Government of Uttarakhand , Last Updated on 21-03-2017